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14 Ways to Use Flavored Syrups

Coffee syrups make for a delicious addition to your kitchen cupboard and they can be used in a whole host of ways. From adding it into your warm coffee and iced lattes to using it as an ingredient in dessert recipes, coffee and flavored syrups are versatile and sweet cupboard staple.

Here are 14 inventive ways on how to use flavored syrups, to help inspire you in the kitchen…

Ways to Use Coffee and Flavored Syrups

1. Ice Cubes

One of the freshest ways to use coffee syrups is to make funky coffee inspired ice cubes for your cold beverages.

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Add coffee syrup ice cubes to your iced lattes and iced americanos to give your drinks a fun twist that will add to their flavour as the ice melts.

It’s super easy to make coffee syrup ice cubes! Here are a few ideas of how to use the flavored syrup in your ice cube tray:

  • Fill your ice cube tray with leftover cold filter coffee and drizzle a small amount of syrup into each ice cube section. The combo of the filter coffee and the syrup will make for some really tasty ice cubes!
  • Fill your ice cube tray with a milk of your choice and drizzle a little coffee syrup into each section. These little milk and coffee syrup ice cubes are perfect for iced lattes!

2. Iced Lattes

Iced caramel macchiato coffee with caramel syrup in glass

A super easy and super TASTY way to use coffee syrups is to drizzle them into iced lattes for an extra kick of flavour.

It’s easy to add in a shot (or two if you like it sweet) of your favourite flavored syrup to shake or stir into your iced latte.

There are so many coffee syrup flavors available to purchase – shop around and try them out until you find your perfect one!

Here’s how to add coffee syrup to an iced latte:

  • After preparing your iced latte add one shot of coffee syrup to the mixture in a cocktail shaker. Shaker, strain and then serve in a tall glass.
  • Alternatively you can add a shot of coffee syrup to the bottom of a tall glass and add in the iced coffee afterwards. Serve with a long spoon so the syrup can be mixed in.

Looking for iced latte inspiration, I have 27 iced coffee ideas for you to try! 

3. Hot Coffee Drinks

The easiest way to use coffee syrup is to add it to warm coffee drinks. Coffee syrup is designed to be used this way, to add an extra kick of flavour to your coffee drinks.

Try adding a shot of coffee syrup to lattes, cappuccinos americanos or even mochas for a sweet twist. Stir until well mixed.

There are so many coffee syrup flavours to try other than the traditional coffee flavour. Give vanilla, hazelnut or caramel a go and see how yummy these syrups can be!

Why not try this smoky butterscotch latte! 

4. Desserts

An easy way to level up desserts is to use coffee syrup to create a yummy and potent dessert sauce.

Mix together chocolate sauce and coffee syrup to make a delicious dessert sauce that goes great over cake, puddings and tarts.

Here’s how to make a simple dessert sauce using coffee syrup:

  • In a mixing bowl combine one shot of coffee syrup and two shots of chocolate sauce.
  • Stir until well mixed.
  • Drizzle over the dessert of your choice for a chocolatey coffee twist.

You can store this sauce in the fridge for a few days, to use when you like! You could also use this mixture in your warm coffees and iced coffees.

5. Hot Chocolate

Adding a drizzle of coffee syrup into hot chocolate is a great way to take your drink to the next level.

Go for a traditional coffee flavoured syrup, or try out vanilla or even chocolate to boost your hot cocoa.

Be careful how much you add, however, as hot chocolate is already sweet. Don’t overdo it and instead only drizzle a little into your mug. Leave the full shots for bitter coffee drinks!

6. Drizzled Over Waffles

Espresso coffee cup, soft belgian waffles with fresh blueberries and marple syrup

Add a yummy spin to your morning waffles by drizzling over a tasty coffee syrup. Coffee syrup and waffles are a match made in heaven! Let the syrup ooze aesthetically into the warm waffles and enjoy!

If you are serving breakfast to guests this is a super easy way to impress them. It’s a must for coffee lovers!

Serve your coffee syrup waffles with a fresh pot of your favourite roast and tuck in. A light to medium roast coffee would go particularly well with waffles, for a smooth breakfast experience. Add a little of the coffee syrup into your coffee mug to tie together the waffles and your coffee!

7. With Lemonade

Adding coffee syrup into lemonade sounds a little odd right? But trust me it really works!

The sweet lemon flavour goes so nicely with coffee to create a refreshing summer beverage. If your coffee syrup includes caffeine this is a quick way of getting your caffeine fix whilst staying refreshed on hot summer days.

Lemonade is already very sweet so be careful how much coffee syrup you add to your drinks. Try out a small amount to start by drizzling a little coffee syrup into the bottom of your lemonade glass. You can always add more but not take away!

8. A Float

Put a caffeinated twist on your traditional ice cream float by adding a drizzle of coffee syrup into the glass first. Top up with lemonade and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Top the float with chocolate or coffee flavoured sprinkles and enjoy in the sunshine!

You could try using a caramel flavoured coffee syrup for a more dessert-like finish. Or use a vanilla flavoured coffee syrup to compliment the vanilla ice cream. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

9. Cocktails

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Adding coffee syrup to cocktails is a super easy way to give them a flavour boost. Coffee and flavored syrups goes excellently in coffee-based cocktails, like espresso martini, to give the drink a sweeter touch.

Coffee based cocktails can sometimes be a little bitter, making them off putting for those who prefer the taste of coffee when it’s sweet. Adding syrup to your cocktail recipes opens doors for those with a sweeter tooth!

Try adding half a shot of syrup into coffee based cocktails and try out the difference in flavour for yourself. Or simply line the cocktail glass with a light drizzle of coffee syrup to sweeten, before adding in the cocktail.

Or you could try my Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. This is perfect if you have some caramel or salted caramel floating around the house. Alternatively, I’ve added the salted caramel sauce to the recipe. If you are using plain caramel add a pinch of salt to give the salted flavor. 

For more alcohol inspired coffees here. 

10. Flavourful Tea

Who says coffee syrups are just for coffee? Adding coffee syrups to flavoured tea is a great way to add sweetness and flavour to a bitter tea.

Try adding a mint coffee syrup to a peppermint tea for a sweet minty kick! Or add a drizzle of caramel flavoured coffee syrup to black tea for a yummy finish.

Tea doesn’t need to be boring – add some extra flavour with coffee syrups. Here’s how to make a simple black tea and caramel coffee syrup drink:

  • Boil your kettle and pour the water over a bag of black tea.
  • Allow to steep for two minutes then remove the bag.
  • Add in one to two teaspoons of caramel flavoured coffee syrup.
  • Stir until the syrup has mixed well.
  • Pour in a splash of oat milk for a super creamy finish and enjoy.

11. Ice Cream

Drizzling coffee syrup over ice cream is a quick way to add a little something extra to your dessert.

Coffee flavoured coffee syrups go amazingly well with coffee flavoured ice cream, chocolate ice cream or a classic scoop of vanilla. Try mint coffee syrup over mint choc chip ice cream and caramel coffee syrup over caramel ice cream or cookies and cream ice cream.

The combinations are endless!

If you make your own ice cream at home you could try adding coffee syrup into the recipe to make a tasty coffee flavoured ice cream.

12. Adding Into Pancake Mixture

shot of pancakes with fruits on a plate near coffee and syrup at breakfast

Adding a little coffee syrup into your pancake mixture is a great way to add yummy coffee flavor into your pancakes! Coffee flavored pancakes are super delicious and go great with your morning coffee.

If you’ve not tried coffee pancakes before then you are seriously missing out!

Here’s how to make them:

  • Add your pancake mix to a bowl and stir until smooth.
  • Pour in one to two shots of coffee flavoured coffee syrup into the mix (one shot per person).
  • Stir until smooth.
  • Cook the pancakes as normal. They should have a slightly darker colour thanks to the syrup.
  • Serve your pancakes and drizzle a little extra coffee syrup on top for a nice finish.

13. French Toast 

French Toast Latte with French Toast and Strawberries

Breakfast is a great choice for adding syrups and I’ve covered a few already! Recently I created this french toast syrup which will pair perfectly with french toast or any other breakfast.  The cinnamon, maple syrup and brown sugar flavors really come through! 

Simply prepare some french toast, you could try my friends at Zardy Plants french toast sticks recipe. Then instead dip the french toast sticks into the syrup.

14. Cake Icing

Cupcakes tiramisu with coffee syrup

Cake icing is the perfect food pairing with flavored syrups. Imagine a delicious salted caramel buttercream with chocolate cake or coffee syrup frosting for a coffee and walnut cake. The options for pairing your syrups with cakes are endless!

You can easily replace the vanilla extract in buttercream with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of your syrup choice. Then just pipe on to your cake or cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to using coffee syrup and you now feel inspired to head to your kitchen and give some of these easy and yummy recipes a go!

Let me know in the comments which you plan on trying.