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How Many Cups Of Coffee Are In A Bag?

Coffee is a vital part of the day for many people and keeping a constant supply of coffee is a crucial aspect of many homes. Knowing how many cups you can get from one bag may help prevent you from running out of your favorite brew. This leads many to ask, “how many cups of coffee are in a bag?

There are around 16, 12oz (335ml) cups of coffee in a 12oz (340g) bag of coffee. The stronger the coffee is brewed, the fewer cups there will be from the bag. The ratio of coffee to water should be 1:15 to yield a good strong cup. The number of cups per bag depends on the cup size and bag size.

The number of coffee cups from a bag varies depending on a few different factors. Knowing how many cups you get from your bag is simple to determine, and it can make a significant difference in how you drink your coffee. Let’s find out how many cups there are in a bag of coffee!

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Two bags of Ozone Coffee, how many cups of coffee can you get out of these?

How Much Coffee Should You Use Per Cup?

Nothing beats a perfect cup of hot coffee. Regardless of who you are or of where you are, a good brew is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

Coffee has become such a big part of the lives of so many people all around the world that there are many who keep a constant supply of coffee, ready to be brewed at a moment’s notice. 

To keep this supply up, it is important to know how many cups of coffee can be coaxed out of a bag before it runs out.

Before we figure out how many cups of coffee there are in a bag, it is important to work out how much coffee should be used for a single cup.

This figure varies, depending on many factors, but a general rule that many baristas stand by is to use a ratio of 1:17. This means a ratio of 1 part coffee to every 17 parts of water

Using a ratio measurement helps us to determine the amount of coffee needed depends on cup size, rather than setting a standard amount of coffee grinds for every cup.

This measurement ratio means that in a standard size cup, for example, a 12oz (355ml) cup, the ratio of coffee to water (1:17) should be roughly 0.75oz (21g) of coffee used for the cup. 

Bear in mind that this is not as strong as some like to drink their coffee, but it is a good baseline to work from.

From this, we can glean the amount of coffee that should be used in the most common coffee cup sizes:

Cup Size
Amount Of Coffee
3oz (90ml)
1.9oz (5.3g)
6oz (180ml)
0.4oz (10.5g)
8oz (235ml)
0.5oz (13.9g)
12oz (355ml)
0.75oz (21g)
15oz (440ml)
0.9oz (25.9g)
20oz (590ml)
1.2oz (35g)
25oz (740ml)
1.5oz (33.5g)

From this information, we can easily calculate how many cups of coffee can be drawn from regular bags of coffee, based on how much coffee should be used per cup.

Moving forward, we standardize to using a 12oz (335ml) cup as the standard size of a coffee cup, just to keep things simple.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Can You Get From A Bag?

Reusable cup with coffee

We have established the amount of coffee that should be used per cup, and this leads us to how many cups can be had from a bag of coffee.

However, the answer to this question is a little less straightforward than you may have anticipated. 

There are multiple different sizes of coffee bags, and there are other factors to consider, such as bags of whole beans that are ground before brewing and pre-ground bags of coffee that are already ready to be brewed.

The standard sizes of bags of coffee are usually 8oz (around 250g), 12oz (340g), and 2.2lb (1kg).

These bag sizes vary depending on where you are in the world, and they all come in both pre-ground and whole bean versions.

By these sizes and the previously determined coffee ratio that we went over, we can determine how many cups of coffee can be had from the various bag sizes for a standard cup of 12oz (335ml):

Bag Size By Weight
Number Of 12oz (335ml) Cups Per Bag
8oz (250g)
12 cups
12oz (340g)
16 cups
2.2lb (1kg)
47 cups

A standard 12oz (340g) bag of coffee should yield around 16 cups of coffee if your cups are 12oz (335ml), and you don’t spill any of your coffee grinds somewhere along the way.

This is a generalization, as every person has their own preference regarding how their coffee is brewed. If you prefer a stronger cup, you will get fewer cups from the bag. Coffee drinkers who like their brew a little weaker will get more cups from a bag.

It all depends on how you like your coffee, but this should give you a general idea of how many cups of coffee you can get from a bag.

What Determines How Many Cups Of Coffee In A Bag?

We have established the amount of 12oz (335ml) cups of coffee that various standard coffee bag sizes yield, but what are the other factors that determine how many cups of coffee can be drawn from a bag?

Are there any other factors worth mentioning? Yes! You may be glad to find out that there are more than just two variables in the number of cups from a bag of coffee

If you prefer to buy bags of whole roasted coffee beans rather than bags of pre-ground coffee beans, you are likely to get few cups of coffee per bag.

The weight of the coffee bag when you buy it is the same as a bag of pre-ground beans, but when you grind the beans yourself for a cup of coffee, you are destined to spill a little or lose a little along the way.

All of the spilled coffee grinds and the grinds left in the bottom of the grinder add up to one or two missed cups of coffee from the bag.

The size of your coffee cup is a huge factor as well. The bigger your cup, the fewer cups the bag will yield. If you drink big cups of coffee, buy big bags of coffee!

There are a few factors that determine the number of cups of coffee there are in a bag. The bag size, the cup size that you drink, and whether or not you grind your beans at home are all important factors to consider.

A good standard of measure is that for every 12oz (340g) of coffee grinds, there should be roughly 16 cups of coffee brewed.

There are 16 cups of coffee in a standard 12oz (340g) bag of coffee, but if you use a bigger bag or a smaller cup, there will be more cups to brew. Those who like their coffee stringer will have fewer cups from the same bag.

These figures will vary from person to person, but this will give you a rough idea of how many cups you can get from a bag, ensuring that you never run out of that precious coffee!

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