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Best Nespresso Machine: 2021 Breakdown

Nespresso coffee machines have become some of the most popular single-shot coffee makers in the world. This brand has become the standard name for this type of coffee machine, and there are many machines to choose from in the Nespresso range, but which is the best Nespresso machine?

The best Nespresso machine for the price and versatility is the Vertuo Plus Deluxe coffee system. The best Nespresso machine for home-baristas is the Creatista Pro. These machines offer the best that Nespresso can produce. These are both capsule machines that create a perfect cup every time.

Nespresso machines are incredibly convenient, and they produce a great cup of coffee every time, but which machine from the large Nespresso range is the best, How much do they cost, and is it worth it to get a Nespresso coffee maker? Let’s find out!

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Creatista Plus with other Nespresso Machines

What Is The Nespresso Machine Range?

Nespresso has become a worldwide brand and is a leading name in the world of coffee. These single-shot machines are incredibly convenient, and they come in a very wide range to suit the needs of every coffee drinker.

There are two broad machine types in the Nespresso range: the Vertuo Coffee Systems and the Original Coffee Systems. There are multiple machines in both ranges, all at different price points, and each of them with their own attributes. 

In 2021, there are 16 unique Nespresso coffee machine systems, without counting the special and limited edition variants. This means that there is a huge selection of machines available from Nespresso.

Let’s take a closer look at the complete range to better identify which machine is best:

Nespresso Vertuo Systems

Vertuo Plus Deluxe

The Vertuo coffee machine from Nespresso is not the conventional single-shot machine that you may be used to already. These machines are versatile, intelligent, and able to make various types of coffee at the touch of a button.

This range of machines is able to produce multiples types of coffee and use Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods, which are specially designed to produce the perfect cup of coffee based on the cup size and drink type.

These machines are the most versatile in the range, and they are all available with optional milk frothers, but they are incredible on their own as well.

The two types of machines in the Nespresso Vertuo System are the Vertuo Next and the Vertuo plus machines.

The Vertuo Next systems come in the standard Next, the Premium Next, and the Deluxe Next machines. These machines can produce either lattes or cappuccinos at the touch of a button and have a very large water capacity, making them perfect for making those tall cups of morning coffee.

The Next coffee machines are the more affordable versions of the Vertuo systems, but they are great machines nonetheless. 

The Vertuo Plus coffee systems are excellent machines. These are the largest and most advanced of the Nespresso range, and they are able to produce an incredibly wide range of types of coffee.

When combined with the Nespresso Barista frother, there are over 20 various types of coffee that can be made by the Vertuo Plus machines. 

Each Vertuo Plus coffee system is capable of producing 5 various types of coffee on its own, depending on the capsule that is placed into the machine.

Each Vertuo capsule is designed to deliver the perfect cup of coffee for its type and intended cup size. The Vertuo Plus systems read a barcode on each coffee capsule that tells it which type of coffee to make and the perfect ratios for every cup size.

This intelligent system means that the Vertuo Plus coffee systems are the easiest and most convenient machines to use while being exceptionally versatile as well.

The full range of Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Systems are:

  • The Vertuo Next
  • The Vertuo Next Premium
  • The Vertuo Next Deluxe
  • The Vertuo Plus 
  • The Vertuo Plus Deluxe

Nespresso Original Coffee Systems

Original Pixie Nespresso Machine

The Original machines from Nespresso are the range that is most familiar to coffee drinkers. These machines use the standard Nespresso coffee pods, and they come in a large variety, each with different attributes, ranging from simple and small espresso machines to large and versatile coffee systems.

The full range of Nespresso Original Machines are:

  • The Pixie
  • The Ateleier
  • The Latissima One
  • The Latissima One De’Longhi
  • The Latissima Touch
  • The Latissima Pro
  • The Gran Latissima
  • The CitiZ&Milk
  • The Creatista Uno
  • The Creatista Plus
  • The Creatista Pro

The Nespresso Original coffee machines come in the widest range of the Nespresso line. These machines are single-shot capsule coffee machines that are meant to make brewing a cup of coffee as easy and quick as possible.

The smallest and most affordable Original machines have a low capacity, but they are perfect for a single expresso or for those who enjoy a quick cappuccino. They are compact and simple, but they produce a good cup of coffee.

The largest and the most expensive machines in the Original range from Nespresso are versatile and able to make everything from espressos to lattes and have built-in milk automatic milk frothers.

These machines are the ultimate in one-touch full brewing, and they are the last word in coffee convenience. All you do is load a capsule, make sure there are milk and water in the machine in their respective tanks, turn it on, press a button, and it does everything else. These high-end original machines are even self-cleaning!

How Much Do Nespresso Machines Cost?

Now we can see that there is a very extensive range of coffee machines from Nespresso, and each one is designed with specific attributes, but how much do Nespresso machines cost

Nespresso coffee systems are sold at a various range of prices, depending on the machine. The price of these machines ranges from $180 up to $1199. The most affordable machine is the standard Original Pixie, and the most premium Nespresso coffee system is the Creatissa Pro.

Here is a basic breakdown of the price of the full range of Nespresso machines in 2021:

PRICE (low – high)
Vertuo Next
Vertuo Next Premium
Vertuo Plus
Vertuo Next Deluxe
Vertuo Plus Deluxe
Latissima One
Latissima One De’Longhi
Latissima Touch
Creatista Uno
Latissima Pro
Gran Latissima
Creatista Plus
Creatista Pro

What Are The Differences Between Nespresso Machines?

The huge variety of Nespresso machines available on the market may leave you wondering what the difference between them is? Aren’t they all capsule machines?

The differences between the Nespresso machines lie in what the user requires from their machine. Some machines are one-touch coffee makers that will produce an entire cup without having to be involved at all, and others are for amateur baristas who enjoy making their coffee themselves.

The entire range of Nespresso machines are all capsule machines, but this is the only constant across the range. The various types of machines have their own attributes that help to produce various types of coffee at different levels of quality and varying levels of convenience.

For example, the Latisissma Pro De’Longhi is a machine that will make your entire cup of coffee for you from start to finish. All that you will need to do is insert a coffee capsule and press a button.

This machine has a built-in milk reservoir and frother that will automatically prepare the milk for your preferred coffee type while the coffee is poured for you as well. This machine is self-cleaning and even boasts a touch screen to make your coffee selections with.

This makes it the best machine for those who want an excellent yet extremely convenient cup of coffee.

The other end of the spectrum lies with the Creatista Pro. This is also a capsule machine, but the making of the coffee is up to you. It has a steam wand for you to process your own milk for your preferred drink and step-by-step guides for various coffee recipes.

This machine is great for those who want to take control of their own coffee.

The variety of machines made by Nespresso make it simple for anyone to choose their perfect machine based on their budget and their coffee-making requirements! 

Which Is The Best Nespresso Machine?

The large variety of Nespresso machines can make it difficult to determine which machine is best. There are many varying options that you can choose from, and they all cost different amounts have differing features, so which is the best Nespresso machine?

The best Nespresso machine from the Vertuo range is the Vertuo Plus Deluxe. The Best Nespresso Machine from the original range is the Creatista Pro. These machines are the best that Nespresso has to offer, with the most features, and they produce the best cup of coffee from a capsule coffee system.

The best Nespresso Vertuo machine is the Vertuo Plus Deluxe. This coffee system provides the most versatility, with the best price tag for the most features. The Vertuo Plus Deluxe produces the widest range of coffee and makes use of the best technology that Nespresso has to offer.

The Vertuo Plus Deluxe coffee system from Nespresso comes in various colors, and there are multiple editions of this one machine. All of the Vertuo Plus Deluxe machines, regardless of the variant, make use of Nespresso larger, barcode capsules that are designed to produce the perfect cup every time.

These specialized machines combined with the intelligent capsule system are capable of making 5 standard coffee types, with 25 variants, in 5 different cup sizes.

This machine costs only $309 from Nespresso, which makes it the best machine from Nespresso for the money alone. 

The Vertuo Plus Deluxe has a 60oz water tank, a very large used capsule container, and makes use of the best technology that Nespresso has to offer

The Best Nespresso Original machine is the Creatista Pro. This coffee system is the most expensive machine in the Nespresso range, but it is well worth the cost to own this excellent coffee maker.

The Creatista Pro can produce 9 coffee variants; it has an on-board LCD screen to display information as well as instructions and how-tos for coffee recipes, a self-cleaning steam wand, and 11 different milk temperature settings.

This machine will not only satisfy the coffee drinker, but it will satisfy the coffee enthusiast too. It will allow you to take control of your cup of coffee and brew it exactly how you like it to be.

Decide which coffee you would like be selecting a capsule, and the rest is yours for the choosing as well! You can froth your own milk and execute your own coffee recipes with this high-end machine from Nespresso.

The Vertuo Plus Deluxe is the best overall Nespresso machine based on versatility and price, and the Original Creatista Pro is the best machine for the home barista.

Is It Worth Buying A Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines are great coffee makers, but are they worth buying? 

Nespresso machines are worth buying for those who appreciate a good cup of coffee but who also need the convenience of a single-shot capsule machine. These machines are not cheap coffee makers, and replacing capsules is expensive, but they do produce excellent coffee very easily.

The main reason to buy a Nespresso machine is the convenience that they bring to brewing coffee. Brewing an exceptional cup with a Nespresso coffee system is quick and simple, with very little clean-up, and the machines require barely any maintenance.

There is a machine from Nespresso for every person and every budget, so buying a Nespresso machine is worthwhile, so long as you choose the right machine for you.


Nespresso machines produce incredible coffee, and they are wonderfully convenient. These machines are worth the price, and there is a Nespresso machine for every coffee lover!

The best Nespresso machine based on price and versatility is the Nespresso Vertuo Plus Delux. This machine can do everything except process milk, but there is an optional milk frother attachment that can be used with it. It is the best machine for the price from Nespresso.

The best Nespresso machine for those who like to make their own coffee is the Original Creatista Pro, which is a barista-style capsule machine with incredible features and versatility, although it is the most expensive machine from Nespresso.

Choose the right Nespresso machine for you rather than the best-reviewed Nespresso machine, and you will find yourself enjoying every cup that your Nespresso coffee system produces from start to finish!