Cooling Iced Coffees

Chocolate Milk Iced Coffee

Adding chocolate milk to iced coffee is genius - so why don’t we do this more? The sweet creamy chocolate milk balances out the strong flavour of coffee, for a sweet and rounded drink.

Cinnamon & Maple Ice Cube Coffee

A super easy and very delicious combination for ice cubes is cinnamon and maple syrup. This combo suits a range of roasts from light to dark, and is especially enjoyable during the festive season

Iced Coffee With Coffee Ice Cubes

Add to the flavor to your iced coffee with ice cubes made from coffee! This will save you from thinning out your coffee with water.

Japanese Iced Coffee

Say hello to a well-balanced drink that tastes strong and creamy. The method is simple – add ice in place of extra water in your drip coffee, that when melted will form part of the drink, instead of watering the mix down.

Iced Cappuccino

If you are a coffee fan it’s highly likely you’ve tried a cappuccino - the frothy cappuccino, brimming with chilled foamed milk is a staple for Summer!